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High blood pressure (hypertension)

Cysts from Uterus, Gall bladder

Causes for Anxiety and depression 

Heart diseases 

Kidneys diseases 

The Side effects of Anti-acidity pills >>Kidneys diseases 

Arthritis survey

Cancer - has no answer !! - We have ... 

Om So Hum - stay connect 

This music helps you to connect with the universe. Help for calm & relief from Anxity.

How Naturopathy works

You can revise all your chronic & critical illness, just using the naturopathy treatment. 

Recipe - Living water

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury explained how easy you can take design a water purifier at very low cost, which helps you and your family to keep safe.

Recipe - Living water

Dr Biswaroop explained the methode on how you can prepair Hunza tea, which can replace your conventional tea to add some values to you, friends & family

Former President Bill Clinton Healed Heart Disease With a Plant-Based Diet 
Cancer Survivor Chris Wark: Eating Meat Causes Cancer - What To Eat

onsite facility 

You can use this service to choose the highest quality assistance or recommendations from management based on criticality of illness.