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Hypnosis is bypassing the mind's critical faculty and talking to the mind's unconscious. It may be defined as a combination of active imagination and a profound state of relaxation.

Hypnosis is: 

It is an awake state and the client is not asleep.Instead of a state of unconsciousness, it is a state of relaxation.Hypnosis uses the imagination and does not equate to being gullible.It is not being weak-minded. Rather, it is exercise for your mind.Hypnosis is not being controlled by someone else because it is establishing a connection with your unconscious.Instead of losing your self control,  it is the ultimate display of control. Hypnosis happens when the client is led into a meditative state of relaxation during the session, and will react to "hypnotic suggestions" that you are saying. These suggestions can also happen in the awake state, as well as a willful suspension of disbelief. Nevertheless, hypnosis has been an incredible healing modality for a lot of people, aside from the increasing body of knowledge that supports hypnotherapy.
By the end of the program, you will realize how using hypnosis as a holistic therapy changes many lives for the better. Prepared to be mind blown from this Interactive, Insightful, and Impactful course certification and training.